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2003 Volkswagon Jeta 1.8Turbo

Have a starting problem that only occurs when the temperature goes below low twenties.

The problem is that the car wont turn over. takes from 5 to twentiey tries before it starts. That is when the key is turned nothing happens no sound etc. All the instrimunts light up and work.

We have replaced the battery, starter, clutch pedal switch and relay all to no avail.

Any solutions?

I am sorry to hear you tried so much and did not find an answer.

I am going to suggest that it may be the ignition switch. If you tell me that you or someone who has driven the car a lot has a lot of keys or doodads on their key ring, I would be more sure that was it.

Only have the ignition key - no other items on a ring with the key.

If it is the ignition switch why only problem starting when temperature is in or below low 20’s?