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Bent knuckle and?

Kid had someone turn in front of him. Shop says they can’t align it and want to change

knuckle. I say change bearing too? Remove and reuse old bearing in new knuckle?

Similar damage to my 1999 Honda in January. I found a used knuckle with OK bearing and ABS sensor with the help of a list provided by a local auto recycling yard.

If someone turned in front of him, it might be the other guy’s dime that fixes the Jeep. Who’s paying for it? If it’s insurance, they’ll do,what they want and you will accept it or return it for more work.

He has collision. Don’t matter who is right/wrong. My point is knuckle is bent and any other part that was hit should be fixed. Is $2200 or $3200 any different to ins co? Why cheap out and reuse old bearing? I think lower a-arm is probably bent as are other things. Fix body’s? No kidding. But let’s fix suspension and/or frame.

Did you review the insurance company’s parts list?
On my last insurance repair job I made an estimate for a left front knuckle and a hub and bearing. They approved a used left front assembly (knuckle, control arms, hub and bearing). The used assembly costs less than the knuckle.

If it had to be removed from the old and placed in the new, I’d want to avoid re-using the bearing also. That seems a pretty tenuous operation, if not careful many things could go wrong. I wouldn’t worry much about replacing with an entire used assembly including more than just the knuckle though; i.e. I wouldn’t insist on brand new parts.

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you would not think insurance would source used parts to fix a car? yes i have seen knuckles on carpart for 50-75$. i got a knuckle/bearing for my vue for $25. i think his suv has been at body shop for 2 weeks and they are doing alignment last? i wonder when they finally realize the suspension has issues? after they replace the bumper and grille and fender and so on?

Well, yeah. It’s $1000 less even using new math.

See above.

If it is, it won’t pass alignment.