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2003 Saturn L200 Slow Power Steering Leak

Hi: I have a 2003 Saturn L200. It has about 140k miles. I’ve taken care of it and it runs well. I had a slow leak near the front that I thought was oil and took it to my mechanic. Turns out to be power steering fluid. He said the leak is form the rack and pinion unit and it can’t be fixed, it would need to be replaced at about $1100.

Since the leak is very slow he suggested I just keep an eye on it, occasionally top off the power steering fluid and not bother to fix it unless it gets worse.

Does that seem reasonable to you? Am I making things worse by waiting or causing myself any potential safety problems? Thanks.

You might have luck with this product. I had a small leak and the stuff did the job. It was saupposed to rejuvinate the seals and make them soft and pliable again.