2006 Tucson Hyundai Power Steering Leak

Just started to leak, evidence on the ground. No noise when turning or driving. Shop said I needed entire rack and pinion but only put car on lift no other testing. Is this urgent meaning need to get fixed tomorrow? Do I need an entire rack and pinion? Can parts get fixed in the power steering and not the entire thing? They quoted me $1575.00 but I found the rack/pinion part online for $350.00.

I don’t drive the car much why did this start?


It’s leaking due to 10 year old aged seals and high pressure fluid.

If the rack is leaking then it needs to be replaced as repairs are generally not economically feasible.
If it’s not leaking too badly you can continue to drive it but you will need to keep the power steering fluid topped off.

You might call around to several other shops and get estimates to see if they’re in the same neighborhood as the price you were already given.
Prices can vary a lot by locale and shop and it’s possible the 1500ish could be normal.

The alternative is to add this to the power steering fluid once the level drops from the leak.

I have yet not seen the product not stop rack & pinion leaks.


For the record, there is no other testing needed beyond putting it on the lift and checking it. A blown rack seal is pretty obvious.

Try Tester’s suggestion. If it works, you’ve postponed the expense, perhaps indefinitely. If it doesn’t you’ve lost nothing. If it doesn’t work, you need a new rack. And it will be expensive. Shop around.

It might be worth a second opinion. It may a hose leaking near or above the rack that makes it look like the rack. But if it was inspected by a reputable shop then it sounds like you need a rack and pinion. Resealing them is quite labor intensive and not always successful.

That $350 rack you found will retail for about $550. Add $100 for a couple of outer tie rods that should be replaced, 6 or so hours labor at $100/hr., alignment for another $90-$100, $10 for fluid, taxes and odds and ends and you’ve at about $1500.