2003 Prius a/c condensation



I rarely use the a/c in my 2003 Prius, but recently found that when I do I get a LOT of condensation (almmost a steady stream, warm to hot water)dripping onto the front seat passenger’s toes. Possibly a plugged drain line from the condenser? Anyone had experience with this problem? ideas?

thanks, LD


My guess would have been the same as your guess. I’d suggest starting with a repair manual from the local parts store to help find and clean the drain.

  • mountainbike


That sounds like it. Take a look under the car on the passengers side in the area in front of the passengers’s feet. You may see a hose coming out. String trimmer line is great for cleaning it without damaging it. You can also try compressed air, but don’t over do that either.

Good Luck


quoting myself from last year about this time…

I had another common issue, with my AC drain being plugged.

I had about 2 hours worth of driving errands to do on my moving morning, followed by a 3.5 hour drive to my car’s new home in NY (broken in 1/2 for a lunch break). I had the AC on the entire time of the drive in my 2001 [Prius]. As we’re getting out of the car in NY, we notice that there’s this large puddle in the passenger footwell. My family member’s purse (and contents), her shoes, my stored rag, and the carpeted floor mat are all soaked, as is the car’s carpeting…

She took me over to her trusty mechanic at the local Sunoco station (who’s seen most family member’s cars at some point due to breakdowns), and he surprisingly was able to fit me in between jobs on Friday June 30 (Independence Day holiday busy-ness and scheduled for 2 weeks out and all). About a 20min wait for an open bay, and a tad over 5min for them to drive my car in, lift it, and blow out the accumulated gunk in the AC drain with their pressurized air hose, and bring my car back out to me. :slight_smile: $10 for cleaning (a number we pulled out of the air and seemed good for both of us), and so far the AC seems fine (still cold and no more puddles). Nice mechanic.