2003 Mitsubishi Outlander - is it the CV axle?

I my wife has a 2003 Mitsubishi outlander awd and my son was driving it and it lost power then made a grinding sound coming from the front i was told it could be the cv axle but it looked ok when i pulled it but the passenger side tire will spin forward with the driver side tire on the ground my guess is something is wrong in the transmission but i wanted to see if anyone has a better idea

Did the engine stop running when that happened, and will it start now?

Did the check engine light come on beforehand? There could have been a massive engine failure caused by overheating or lack of oil. The front differential could have failed. All guesswork from here.

No to all of that it still starts fine no overheating or low oil just terrible grinding sound when you put it in gear wich has me thinking its a much more serious job than im willing to tackle

If the wheel spins with the other side on the ground AND the transmission in Park… that is a transmission failure. You didn’t say if the car was in park when you did this.

Yes in park as well i figired it wouldn’t be something simple i appreciate the responses

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