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Cv axle installed wrong? PLEASE HELP

I live with an exmechanic. Today we enstalled a new engine mount and cv axle on the passenger side of my 2002 Audi a4 quattro 1.8l Turbo. Already did the drivers side without issue. When I tried to test drive as soon as I pulled down parking break the car rolled backward. The car rolls backward in every gear… and will not accelerate/pull forward when put foot on gas. ALSO when put into park from drive makes awful grinding noise. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

You messed up the shifter is my guess. The engine mount replacement may hay pushed it out of alignment. I assume this is a standard? Either way pushing the engine around for the new mount likely did some realignment of the linkage or maybe damage.

Its an automatic with tiptronic (the +/- jump stick) thank you for the reply

It definitely sounds like the CV shaft is installed incorrectly, which is why the car won’t move and makes a horrible grinding noise when you put it in park. The differential in the transaxle is free to turn with no resistance from the axle shaft. You will have to revisit the axle shaft installation and find out why it is not seated properly in the transaxle. It’s also possible the tulip joint got pulled apart on either end during handling and installation, so this is another area to investigate. Good luck, and keep us posted on what went wrong.

Another vote for a problem with the newly installed axle. Be sure to check the outboard joint for proper fit in the wheel hub.

Agreed. It’s time to revisit the work that was done. Odds are the shaft is not seated in the tranmission or not fitting the hub splines properly.

For what it’s worth, I’ve seen several hubs that were stripped out instantly when the halfshaft nut was not properly tightened. In those cases the car owners tightened the nuts finger tight, similar to what one would do on packable, tapered front wheel bearings, and the excess slop due to that would peel the splines out in a heartbeat. Hopefully that’s not the case here and the axle just needs to be seated.

100% you have an axel issue. As others have said, most likley not seated properly.

I’m concerned about the grinding noise when shifting into park. This makes me suspect the trans and the shifter, not the CV joint.

Capri, the grinding is because the trans is spinning free. Since there is no connection between the trans and brakes. So when taken out park the trans starts spinning and when put back into park it’s spinning.

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I’ve decided to wait till tomorrow morning to have it towed into a mechanic… before work as I’m moving this weekend and work everyday so don’t have time to pull apart. Besides telling the wrecker that it has transmission issues and must have the parking brake engaged rather than just left in park. Anyone have any other suggestions/tips for towing? Should i have him pull it onto flat bed by frame rather than axle to avoid further damage? Or is this a non issue? Its going to be put on a flatbed & hauled… thank you for all the suggesstions I’m also hoping its just not seated properly…

A mount and an axle. Were they broken or just needed to be replaced? I’m surprised you havent been asked yet. But was it time to be replaced(unlikely the mount and axel went at the same time) or was it in a accident? Because if your engine mount broke to cause the damage where your splines go into (its a pressure fit) that inside of the transmission is probably heavily damaged.

6 years late Brandon.

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