Axle or Transmission Problem

A year ago I heard occasional metal grinding noise coming from the front, sounding like front driver side. Sounded like CV joints that I heard before. The mechanic said it’s transfer case/transmission problem, so I replaced the transmission but the noise came back a few days later. The mechanic said to drive it for a while and the noise may go away, if getting worse he can fix it since it has 2-year warranty.

Now a year later the noise becomes predicable and easily reproducible, I went back and asked them to check. They said it may be passenger side axle. I am feeling being manipulated. What advice do you guys have?


What make and year?

It could be the axle but could also be brakes, etc. We have very little to go on from that description.
Does it get worse when you turn?

Clearly the transmission didn’t fix a thing, unless there was something else wrong with it.
Is he suggesting you pay him to replace the axle to see if that fixes it? I’d insist he fix it at his cost, if he didn’t fix anything the first time.