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2003 Mercury Sable - Doors Freeze Shut

The insert epithet of choice here aircraft-fuselage doors freeze shut in wintry weather! (Other issues: I have to be at work at 5:30 am, and I am not as young and thin and agile as I used to be, so squirming through the trunk passthrough will only result in me winding up being the reluctant star of a viral YouTube video - Title:
Stupid Ideas People Have at the Furry Buttcrack of Dawn.)

Are you trying to tell us the door to your Sable are freezing shut in cold weather?? I’ll assume that’s what you are trying to post.

Buy silicone spray, spray the rubber seals with the silicone all around the door. That should pretty much solve that problem. Or move to where it never freezes. :sunglasses:

Could you post that video of you trying to climbing in through the trunk? We all could use a hearty laugh. We wouldn’t repost it, nooooo! :wink:

Posted by an escapee from cold wintry weather now living in sunny Florida where it never freezes.


Some manufacturers specifically say not to apply silicone to the seals. I suggest 303 protectant as a safer alternative.

Yeah silicone spray. But winter has nothing to do with aircraft doors. Even in the heat of summer it is way below zero up there 10,000 feet in the air. But then why would you want to open a door then anyway. Silicone is your friend.

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Don’t gloat, it’s not nice :grin:

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Does it work on car windows? Mine always freeze up.

Yes it does freeze in Florida, unless you live south of Alligator Alley, and you don’t. If you have orange groves around you, I’m sure you will see smudge pots. They are there to keep the oranges warm enough that they won’t freeze. If t really gets cold, there are sprayers to cover the oranges with water that will freeze and insulate the oranges from freezing.

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Or do you mean the door locks freeze?

Not in the 6 years I’ve been here. There can be occasional frost warnings for the orange groves but I’ve not seen frost on the coast where I live. Considering our water pipes have 18 inches of exposure on the side of my house and it is common to see water softeners on the outside of a home and our pipes run through the attic… freeze? No.

The lowest recorded since I’ve been here is 35 F. The lowest ever was 24 F in 1894.

Global warming baby.

I read an article somewhere the other day where the concern is cooling again due to the ice build up on the glacier. That was Minnesota some years ago-covered by the glacier. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh wait, yes you can. No need to lecture me again on the difference between climate and weather. It’s a lot colder in Minnesota than Florida but on the average we are both about 55 degrees.

Avg temp Florida 70.7F
Avg temp mn 55f

I don’t think any of this helps Laura, be nice if she would respond.

BTW, I grew up in Minnesota, but courtesy of Uncle Sam now live in Florida. In MN (or in the mountains of Utah) never had my doors freeze shut. I did not lock my cars. But back then if someone had a frozen lock they would just heat their key with a cigarette lighter to clear the ice in the lock. Don’t think that would be wise on cars of today.

I used to travel to near Melbourne for work between 10 and 20 years ago. There were at least two times that farmers used the sprayers to ice over the citrus groves and prevent fruit freeze. Not often, but it does happen.

Heh heh heh. That old joke comes to mind about the guy with his feet in the oven and his head in the refrigerator but on the AVERAGE he was quite comfortable. Yeah yeah I know, 120 degrees in July is no where near 350 in an oven. Oh I just got in from testing the snow blower on the two inches of snow we got. Sheesh. It won’t last though.

Six days, no response from OP, guess Laura was just venting.

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You must be talkin’ 'bout Phoenix or Vegas because it does not get that hot in Florida. It may hit 100 degrees once a decade in south-west FL. The “feels like” temp is 100-105 because of the humidity but the actual temp is in the low to mid 90’s July and August.

106 F average temps in July in Phoenix with 25% humidity “feels like” about 112 F.

OK I’ll be right down.