Jeep Liberty 2004 transmission

My daughter’s Jeep Liberty is shifting hard from second to first at around 30 to 25 mph. Just started doing this. She has 106,00 miles on the Jeep. Any suggestions.

The first thing you need to do is take it to a local auto parts store and have them scan the computer for codes. Its entirely possible that the computer is maxing out the line pressure on the transmission because it is sensing a problem. Has your check engine light come on at all??


No the check light has not come on, but the computer scan is a good tip for a place to start. No problem shifting when accelerating, only when downshifting does the jolt occur. Again between second and first gear (automatic transmission).
Thank you!

My 2003 Liberty also has 106,000 miles and my transmission blew out last week without any warning. No check engine light or anything. It just suddenly refused to shift. The torque converter blew apart and damaged most of the transmission beyond repair. The shop manager said it was like it had a heart attack.

Get your daughter’s Jeep checked right away. Good luck

Chances are that if there is no check engine light then the auto parts store scanners won’t find any codes even if they are there. A local shop that specializes in transmissions should have the right scan tools - call around. Some will look it over for free. Some charge a nominal fee.