2003 Infiniti G35 advice wanted

Exhaust, suspension, and/or AT advice and recommendations.

Yep, don’t do any modifications. Use OEM parts or parts that “ meet or exceed” OEM specifications. Transmission fluid drain and fill at 30000 miles using manufacturers specified transmission fluid. But this car is 16 YO, do you know it’s maintenance history?

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Thanks for the reply -

Yes, I’m the second owner - Bought it in 2008, 65k miles. Today - 130k miles.

My Y-pipe just gave up the ghost - I wonder what the dealer gets for one of those.

Yes, I’ve been “swapping” 3.8 qrts of Nissan/Infiniti Type J (now S?) Fully synthetic ATF most summers. Helps the shifting, but there are some clunks and bumps now and then while underway in D. Also downshifts readily - will be less of an issue when I have the stock muffler (but not mid) reinstalled.

I wasted a $400 on a Megan Exhaust - too loud. The advice about buying the Nissan midpipe from a 6MT model - trades top end for the midrange - and cuts 50 pounds or so.



If I remember correctly this is an expensive car to mod. I doubt that has changed much.