Hey all u car people!

got a question. i am looking to buy a car and i am stuck between two totally different cars they both cost about the same yet i like both their style. they both have about the same mileage as well too. the first car is a 1999 740il bmw and the second is a 2003 infiniti g35 need help and maybe some pointers on swaying my mind someone please help. keep in mind these cars are going to be my second car which means a whole lot to me and i dont want to make a wrong decision

I would recommend the newer and better Infiniti g35. A doctor friend of mine has a BMW740 from around that year (bought new)and finds the maintenance and repairs astronomically expensive, and the dealer insufferably arrogant. The Infiniti is a good handling car and reliable car and service should be readily available.

In both cases, even if you get a complete maintenance history, make sure a good mechanic checks out the car.

The BMW excels if you want to drive from New York to LA back & forth in good comfort. For normal urban driving the Infiniti will be much more fun.

What is your expectation of your second car? Daily driver, short FUN trips (infinity), or longer rides where you want comfort (BMW)?

since its your second auto, which indicates frugality isn’t necessary, i recall that infinity is simply an upbranded nissan. BUT BMW is in a league by itself. (although if i had the cash i’d spring for a used e class.) as mentioned, the maintenance cost is going to be an issue with the european cars, but the ride is SOOO nice.

then again its your choice how you spend your $$!

I agree, you need to decide what kind of car you are looking for. These two are really apples and oranges.

The BMW will cost a fortune. Compared to it, the Infiniti will be far more reliable, repairs will be cheaper and fuel costs will be about 10% less. The Infiniti will also be more fun to drive since it is a sports sedan whereas the BMW is a luxo barge.

Try to get a 2005 or newer model. The consensus on Infiniti forums is that the 2003 and 2004 models had some teething problems which had been solved by 2005.

The Infinity. Consumer Reports agrees. You cna check for yourself at the local bookstore.

At first glance, the Infinti would seem to be the best bet, but it depends on several things. Do they both have maintenance records - if so, which one has the best records? Which one is in better shape cosmetically and mechanically? Which one drives the best and fits you best? Is the MPG difference substantially different? Which one will be cheapest to insure?

If the BMW has been well maintained, then you shouldn’t have too much to fear if you buy it. The Infiniti does have a great repair record overall. For me, the difference would boil down to the way they handle and respond. As a rule, I prefer Euro to Japanese cars simply because of their better handling, their looks and their comfort (I am tall.) Either car should be safe and nice to drive. Good luck with your choice!