2008 Infiniti EX35 - upgrade to a newer car?

Should I upgrade to a newer car? I am 74 and drive about 10k miles a year. My infinity is in good shape with 90,000 miles. Well this car wear out, before I do?

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How well maintained is the car?
Do you strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time? I ask because all-too-many people ignore the elapsed time factor.

If the car has been maintained properly, it likely has many more good miles left in it.
However, if you feel that you want to treat yourself to a new car, and you can afford it, then… why not?

My current vehicle is 10 years old, and is problem-free at 105k miles. However, I’m not getting any younger, so I am going to treat myself to a new car in a few months. This is a reflection of personal values, so you might or might not feel the same way.

Upgrade to a newer vehicle ? That is a personal choice . We are seniors and we are going to attend a new vehicle show in March to see if we want to replace our 2010 Volvo for something with more safety features .

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I lean towards new if the budget allows for it. If you are looking for a vehicle sort of like that to replace it with, consider the Mazda CX-5.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Thank you for your thoughts. Sounds like it’s a personal choice and budget.

I agree. If it were me, I’d keep the EX35 until there are significant problems. The budget often gets in the way for anyone on a fixed budget, though.

You’re probably right. I just needed someone to talk me into a good decision. Tks

My 2¢, I’d keep the Infiniti. I’m 66 and I already have bouts of old-fart-itis. Seriously, newer cars can be technologically overwhelming. When I was helping my wife shop for her Hyundai one of the criteria was knobs. Touchscreens and menus are okay for younger folks but give me a car I can understand and operate without taking my eyes off the road. Right now you know where everything is and how it works.

Thanks. I think I’ll keep it. I can save the car payments and put the money to work for me. I had my last car for 16 yrs. and I am still sorry I traded it. If I keep this until 2024, who knows what kind of shape “she” and I will be in. LOL.,

+1… to a certain extent.
One of the characteristics of aging is an inability to adapt to any type of change–be it personal, or electronic, or…

Personally, I enjoy the challenge of plumbing the depths of the electronic systems of friends’ new cars when I drive them, but many older folks are technologically-phobic, and will avoid ANYTHING that is even slightly-different from things that they are used-to.

Oh, thanks for your thoughts. I will keep them in mind. I am rather tech-savoy and embrace all the new things that come along. I am afraid if I do not, I will definitely be left behind.

Like grocery delivery; how cool is that? Not having to shuttle 4-1/2 gallons of ice tea, juices, bottled water cases.

Thanks again. It works for me, but I understand it doesn’t work for everyone.

I have a 2011 Lexus LS460, with less than 30K miles, and I’m a dozen years older than you. There have been so many technical safety improvements and additions in the past 9 years that I am replacing my car to get them.

That certainly sounds like a good thought. On the other hand your ride is not too bad for me and knocks off about 60,000 miles maybe I could out run it, miles wise that is. Thanks for your input. Good luck with your new car.

Hurry up and trade. What have you got to lose? My dad was still driving at 89 and others older than that are still on the road. Do you really want to keep a car with 90K on it for 15-20 years? It can still be trouble free for another 50-100K, but then again maybe problems will start a little at a time. Who needs the aggravation if you can afford a new one?

Thank Bing,
You might be right, what am I waiting for? Yes I think I’ll be driving 10 yrs from now and probably 10 more. So, back to Answering the original question, I’ll probably out live my current car.

As long as you continue to drive it 8-10k miles per year, and continue to have all the routine maintenance on schedule, I expect you’ll be good to go for another 30-50k miles with your current car. Once you start to approach 150K, or it is getting a little long in the tooth, say over than 15 years old, that’s when you might want to start looking for a new car. There’s likely a junior high school student today who will be interested in buying your Infinity in the future, when they are a college student and need cheap and reasonably reliable transport.

Thanks for your estimate of reasonable life on the vehicle. BR