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2003 Impala lost power

Hi all! Have the car at the dealer as we speak. My wife was driving home and had the car suddenly die on her - no power steering, no power brakes. She started it up, no problem, drove it another mile. It died again. Started up and got it home. My father-in-law (the resident “car guy”) seems to think it’s electrical. The dealer called earlier and said the fuel pressure regulator was filled with gas. Could a faulty FPR cause the car to just stop running?

I have seen many a running car with “faulty” fuel pressure requlators. This is a component we tell people to check when their car runs poorly or doesn’t want to start after sitting. I can’r remember a report of a car going dead while being driven and the cause was the fuel pressure regulator. Poor performance yes,poor mileage yes,hard restart yes,stalls while driving not on my list.

Why do they not think a intermittent fuel pump failure fits your symptoms, its fits my experiences with GM cars that just die well?

Make a deal get the regulator if it doesn’t cure the dying,money back. Ask why you are not seeing the traditional symptons of a ruptured fuel pump regulator diaphram?

Leave this Dealer,decline all repairs.