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Fuel Issue

I have a 1996 Impala SS and it wont start. I replaced the fuel pump, filter and sending unit. I pull the gas line off at the fuel rail and almost no gas is coming out. I also blew out the lines to check for clogs. None that I see.

is your new fuel pump getting power?

yeah but it is only coming out of the fuel rail in drops

Pump is defective…

This is the 4th one in 6 months

How about the WHOLE story now, istead of parceling it out bit by bit in response to the response of others.

How did this all start, what are the symptoms, and what exactly have you done so far to resolve it?

About 6 months ago the fuel pump took a dump. So I changed the pump and sending unit and filter. about two months ago started having problems starting. did the same thing again. the new equipment lasted about two weeks before it started acting up again. it takes me about 4 cycles of turning the car on and off then it would start. If i shut it off and started it right up again no problem but if it sat a few hours i would have to cycle it again. well now it is at the point it wont start. I replaced it all again and still wont start. I disconnected the fuel line at the rail and it is dripping gas out. If I disconnect it from the filter it pours out. I blew air through the line and seems free and clear of anything in it. no leaks. We check how much gas was coming out of my brothers fuel line at the fuel rail on his impala and it pours out. Have no idea whats going on

What about the fuel pressure regulator? There could be a fine mesh screen in the regulator that is clogged.

Is there pressure before the regulator?