2003 Honda Pilot , automatic driver seat control broken, repair?

There are 3 automatic seat controls - up/down the front of the seat, rear of the seat, and backwards/forward. The first doesn’t work. I can rock/tilt the seat with the full range of motion that you would otherwise control automatically from the up/down button. My local Honda service center says the whole mechanism under the driver’s seat will need to be replaced, for $1300 parts and labor. I don’t care about being able to move the front of the seat up and down, but the fact that its not locked down is a safety issue. Any other thoughts on how to repair this?

Replace the seat assembly with one from a boneyard?

Or perhaps an internet search would produce a replacement control system?
Perhaps a reputable auto body shop?

Good idea- should be enough totaled Pilots around to get a seat and transplant the mechanism for way less than $1300.