'03 Aviator driver seat won't adjust

A relative of mine has a 2003 Aviator. Driver side seat won’t adjust, passenger side will. The dealer told her that the computer needs to be replaced (“bad chip”, $2,000). Does that sound correct? I would think its more likely the motor, fuse or maybe a switch? Any help/info greatly appreciated,

I’ve heard that approach from too many dealer shops when all that was needed was something basic, like a reinitialization of the body control module, or a statement that a new engine is needed when all that was necessary was a new injector.

I don’t trust dealer shops, especially when it comes to aging vehicles. They seem to suggest repairs that’ll be expensive enough to make you decide to buy a new car rather than actually trying to fix the old one.

The only thing I can suggest is to get a second opinion, perhaps from a body shop. If they confirm the diagnosis, let them do it rather than the dealer.

I don’t know if the shop’s diagnosis is correct or not, but such a thing is certainly possible. Complexity often breeds unreliability and expensive repairs. The dealership shop presumably has the diagnostic scan tool needed to differentiate between a motor/switch problem and a failed body module.