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2004 odyssey paint problem

I have paint flaking off of the hood and roof on the Odyssey. The gray under coat looks intact. I don’t see a recall for the problem. Has anyone else had this problem?

A lot of vehicles have this problem…all makes and all models. It began in the late 80’s and early 90’s when a new generation of primer paints came out. If the surface is not perfectly prepared…flaking and peeling will happen. Just look in any large parking lot on a busy day at the mall. Do you park outside in the sunlight a lot?

I have a 96 civic and the paint still looks relatively good for it’s age. I have paint that has faded but no flaking. I can see where the paint is going to come off next. I don’t see any rock dings in the area that might cause the flaking. The flaking is what has me concerned. How long until the whole van changes color on me??? I do park it outside next to the civic.
Thanks for your thoughts.

Are you the original owner of the van? What kind of care have you given the paint?

Did you buy the vehicle brand new? If not, there’s a possibility that it’s been hit at one time or the other and the paintwork is a bit shoddy.

I’m the original owner of the van.
I wash it when it gets dirty. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at keeping it clean but I’m not the worst. Waxing it? Maybe once a year. It does get dirty during the NY winters.
Thanks for the questions.

This Vehicle Is Almost 7 Model-Years Old. Paint Problems Wouldn’t Be That Much Out Of The Ordinary. You’ll Have To Pay And Have Some Work Done If You’re Not Happy With It.

Certain colors have more problems than others. Some manufactures’ cars have trouble with silver, others with blue, for example.

Sometimes brand new cars are damaged in shipment before being sold and are repaired refinished at the dealer level where a paint job on certain panels might not be as durable as the original factory finish.

Recalls are for safety related problems.

Stop by a quality auto body / auto collision shop and let them have a look. Chances are that they can speculate as to the nature of the problem and offer a solution.


Aerial, Is This 2004 Odyssey Dark Blue, By Chance ? It Could Be Your Lucky Day !

If it is, call your Honda dealer and have them look up a " Honda Technical Service Bulletin # 08-031 (May 21, 2008)" that deals with peeling paint on 2003-2005 dark blue Odysseys.

It extends the paint warranty from 3 years or 36 months to 7 years, no mileage limit and covers the roof and hood, too.
If the paint on your vehicle is peeling or flaking in one or
more of the areas listed above, take it to any Honda
dealer for an inspection. If the dealer confirms the paint
problem, and your vehicle is within the warranty time limit,
they will arrange to have ALL possibly affected areas on
your vehicle repainted, free of charge. Please plan to
leave your vehicle at the dealership for 3 to 5 business
days to allow enough time for this repair.

That particular color is “Midnight Blue Pearl”.


That Sounds Like It’s The Paint, Not You.

I believe it is my lucky day… My Odyssey is Dark Blue. Thanks for your help. It really helps having more information when you talk to the dealer. I’ll let you all know what happens. Thanks again to everyone for your comments.

Good catch, CSA!

VDC D, Thank You, Sir! Even A Blind Squirrel Finds An Acorn Once In A While. :slight_smile:

Aerial, You’re Welcome. I Hope Your Odyssey Is Covered By That Bulletin And Gets Its Paint Back! Thanks In Advance For Letting Us Know What Happens, Too.
Good Day,

P.S. One more thing. The bulletin instructs them to examine other parts of the van as well to make sure that other “panels” don’t need refinishing, also. They / You should have a professional body / paint man / woman look it all over.

Hi gang,
I finally got to the Dealership. I had asked the service rep about the peeling paint and he was very helpful. He told me that they had a very good paint shop and that he would give me the telephone number of so I can get the van painted. I then asked about a TSB on the vans paint peeling and he was perplexed. TSB on the paint??? Then he asked for the vin and ran it through his computer and low and behold a TSB popped up on his screen. At that point he said it would take a week for it to be done. They painted the hood, roof, and sliding doors. For now I?m satisfied with the job. I?m sure that the service reps don?t know all of the TSBs for every Honda vehicle. But maybe a little training in how to ask questions of the customer would help. Or maybe the first thing they should do is go to the corporate database to look up the history of the model in question. I?m sure that the service reps want to appear to be the smartest guys in the world but if I didn?t have the info From the Car Talk Forum I would have been scre??. Thanks to everyone who replied and kept Honda honest.

Just an off the wall comment, but when the top layer of paint has pin holes in it, the moisture gets in and under the piant through the pin hole. then when wax is put on it, the moisture get sealed in and goes to work on the bond between the top layer and the underlayer. sometimes it penetrates primer and begins to cause rust. So the paint must be removed down to the bare metal before new primer, color coat and top coat (clear coat) is applied to avoid a repeat of the blistering, peeling and flaking.


And I really tip my hat to CSA for having found this one.

I have the exact same problem as the bulletin describes, yet Honda refuses to cover my car as it’s a dark grey color. The service bulletin only covers Dark Blue. What’s even more frustrating is that Honda acknowledged the problem in the past and fixed my car when it started to appear on the hood a few years back. They repainted the hood at the time, not the whole car as the problem didn’t show in other spots until recently. Honda said they won’t fix it on the rest of the car now since it’s outside of the normal warranty period even though it’s inside of the extension given for the service bulletin.

Time for a lawsuit.