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Sticking, bucking doors on 2003 Honda Odyssey van

The automatic doors stick & buck and often won’t close the last bit.

What’s Honda’s track record? Can they be fixed? Dealer or elsewhere?

Do some price checks for the fix, dealer and independents, maybe even a body shop or 2 and pick the one that gives you the exact reason there is a problem, as in yeah we’ve seen this a number of times and it has been…

Did you happen to start by just cleaning and lubricating all of the various latches, hinges, rollers, switches (if any electric) etc. If you don’t do this kind of thing once in a while you’re looking at 5-6 year old grease and 5-6 years of gunk build up on the moving parts.

Stop by an auto parts store, tell them you need to clean and lube all of the moving parts on your can doors and they can point you to the right stuff.

Good advice, I was interpreting the poster preferred to have someone take care of it, as I have had instances where I suggested a diy, and gotten slammed for it.

Yeah. I’m just a diy schmoe so I always figure everyone’s like that. I also figure that if some people knew just how easy certain things (not everything!) were their cars would be less mysterious, better cared for, and we’d all be safer in the roads.

I hear you, but can’t tell you in the IT world how many times I have had a complaint of a computer not working where the solution was to push the power button!