2003 Honda Element -- 3 electrical devices becoming intermittent at one time

Hi all,

It’s one (actually 3)of those things that is scary to take to a mechanic --intermittent electrical problems. A potential bank account draining series of trials and errors. Here’s what happened. At the same time, the windshield wipers, being able to shift out of park, and starting all fail SOMETIMES. Starting: I turn the key and get a sorry, slow crank or that dead-battery clicking. Try again, sometimes several times, then it cranks at full power and speed and starts right up. I’d think it was a starter w/ worn bearing starting to short if it weren’t for other gremlins beginning at the same time. Windshield wipers work sometimes. Sometimes they work fine, other times they’ll die, I’ll hit a bump or give them a shove and they go again. Again, it will shift out of park most of the time but about one time in 10 it won’t. I have to hit the bypass. I’m hoping there’s a common component to all these and that someone has had a similar experience. I’m trying to avoid taking it in to the shop, getting a new starter, wiper motor, and brake pedal sensor and still have all three problems. Anybody have a similar experience and know where the Gremlin lives? This vehicle has given me 118k trouble-free miles so one trip to the shop can’t really be a complaint.

Thanks you