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Starting issues 2006 Honda Element

My mother in laws 2006 Honda Element has 325,000 miles on it. For the last several years she has intermittent starting issues. Sometimes it starts fine. Sometimes 1 in 5 to 1 in 100 it won’t start. I have heard a faint buzzing from the key when I’ve been able to replicate it. She’s hard of hearing so symptom analysis is tough. New starter in 4 months ago and the problem still exists.

I’m thinking it’s the start switch in the column. Any thoughts.?

Unfortunately the dealer isn’t especially helpful here.

I am thinking you need to search for a good independent local auto repair shop. Ask friends, search google, YP and everything the internet has to offer.

Whoever put the starter in had no clue. Stay away from there.

There is a lot between the ignition switch and the starter that could have issues. A good mechanic should be able to find the cause. Expect to pay for the diagnostic time.

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Me, too…

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There could be a problem with the safety switches also.

That’s a clue that the electrical part of the ignition switch is involved.

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We’ve had a couple Hondas that make the same buzz, which seems to come from the ignition switch. For me, it’s more likely to happen if I turn the key slowly. If I turn it swiftly the buzz rarely happens.
If I get the buzz, I immediately turn it back off, wait a second, and then it will work fine. Haven’t tried repairing anything yet.