Wipers won't stop Honda Accord 1989

Yes, I have to consider the weather every time I leave the house and hope I have flashlight to find the fuse in the dark. Not to mention the electric windows…

I just had my muffler done- great advice here, best choice “go to shop”- so I asked for an est.on wiper issue…something like $360.

I said " No, thanks." From what I have read, I could replace motor fairly easily and without even getting under the car (!) But will I have a dashboard when I am done?

Is this a doable job? And best place to find old motor? I must save this car, it’s almost a classic. Help me, help my Honda celebrate its Twentieth!

Are you saying that the wipers won’t shut off? In my old Oldsmobile (1978 Cutlass), the wiper switch completes the circuit to the ground. I found this out when the windshield washer pump section of the motor was bad and I put on a universal pump. It ran continuously, and I found it a little inconvenient to stop every half mile and refill the reservoir so the pump wouldn’t burn out. I traced the circuit from the wiring diagram in the repair manual and figured out how it was wired. I don’t know how the Honda circuit is set up, but if it is wired like my Oldsmobile, you may have a chafed wire that completes the electrical path to ground and bypasses the switch.

The wipers won’t stop unless I pull fuse.

Pulling the fuse kills the hot side of the line. If your wiring set-up is like mine, the hot line went directly to the wiper motor. The switch completes the path back to the battery through the chassis. I suppose you could find the wire from the correct fuse and rig up a switch that would turn the wipers on and off. You wouldn’t have any speed control, but I remember cars that had single speed wipers.
(I go for the simplest and cheapest repair possible. If my power windows ever quit working, I’ll replace them with side curtains).

HAHHAHHA! I opt for shutters.