Wipers Only Work on Slowest Setting

or if I operate them manually. Is this a problem with the motor? If it was a fuse problem, they probably wouldn’t work at all, right? I’ve read that the problem could also be battery-related. This problem seemed to start after the battery died and was jumped.

Could be the switch or motor.

When I had this problem on a different kind of car it was the switch on the dash that was to blame. Replacing this switch gave me the wiper speeds back and also started parking the wipers properly again when they were shut off.

The diagram from knfenimore should make it easy to find the problem. Use a voltmeter and hook the black lead to a ground or the negative terminal of the battery. Put the switch on speed 1. Probe the connections and see if your are getting 12 volts. If you are and the wipers aren’t moving, the problem is the motor. If the wipers are moving, switch to 2 and repeat. If you are getting 12 volts and the wipers aren’t moving, you have a motor problem. If you aren’t getting voltage in one position or the other, the switch or wiring from the switch is the problem.

Great - will look into getting a voltmeter. Any recommendations? Also, knfenimore, where did you get that diagram?