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2003 Gran Caravan problem

I have a 2003 gran caravan 3.3 l engine, 150K miles. My problem; When I start the van cold everything is fin. After running errands and stopping for 15-30 minutes when I start the engine it runs very rough. I pump the gas and get moving and it smooths out and runs fine until the next time I stop for a short time. This doesn’t happen every time but often enough to be annoying. I did have a code reader plugged in once when this happened and the code indicated that it was running lean. Any Ideas where to look?

Are you saying that the check engine light is on? Or that it comes on briefly? The “code reader plugged in once” part needs clarification. The actual, specific code would also be helpful.

That said, it sounds like you might have a problem with the check valve in fuel pump. When you stop the gas is draining back to the tank and when you start it back up you may be getting a mix of fuel & air thru the injectors - thus leanness. The only fix is to replace the fuel pump.

I borrowed a code reader for a short time and had it plugged in when this problem happened. I have since returned it and don’t remember the specific code. And yes, my check engine light is on.
If the check valve is allowing fuel to run back into the tank when I stop wouldn’t it have the same problem when I start cold? This problem also seems to occur more often in the summer than winter.

We need the specific codes to identify any suspects.