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2003 Dodge Grand Caravan won't start when warm

My wife’s 2003 Grand Caravan 3.8L will periodically not start when it has just been driven several miles. It will crank but not turn over. When it is cool it will most of the time crank fine, but sometimes act like it’s not getting enough fuel (runs rough and have to floor it to get the RPMs up to keep it from stalling, but then it is fine and idles normally). But, when it’s driven around a bit and then turned off for a short period (5-15 minutes) it won’t crank unless you let the engine get completely cool, then it may crank. The check engine light has been on since we bought it a year ago, throwing P0171, but my bluetooth ODB2 reader won’t connect to this van’s ECM, so I ordered a dedicated ODB2 reader from amazon that’ll be here in a few days, so maybe I’ll be able to read more codes then, affraid to take it to Autozone in case it won’t crank to bring me home. It’s mostly fine for my wife to drive to work and back, but short trips not so much.If I find more codes when I get the ODB2 reader I’ll post those.

You might look for help at this website (and maybe search your P0171 code there):

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Autozone can read the codes without turning the engine off.

You say it will crank, but not turn over, then you say it will not crank. Is this accurate?

The cranking and not turning over sounds like it could be a fuel pump. Do you have access to a fuel pressure gauge to see what it says?

On my Chrysler products, this usually turned out to be a bad MAP sensor. Not too expensive and easy to change.

I think you mean it cranks ok – that rr rr rrr sound – but it won’t pop & start when the engine is hot. Google “Dodge heat soak problem” for idea maybe, that’s what some auto mechanics call that symptom. I’m guessing – and it is just a wild guess – this is a failing crank position sensor.

I would chase the code but could say this car is probably due for a fuel pump at this stage.

The error indicates a lean fuel condition. Here is some info about it and what to do to solve the problem.

Does that mean that it makes no noise when you turn the key to start?
If that’s what you’re describing. it may be a defective starter.