2003 GMC Sierra 2500HD gearshift stuck in park

This only happened one time. After starting my truck, the gear shift was stuck in park. After moving the shifter back and forth for guite some time it finally shifted normally. I,m thinking a linkage problem?

I’m thinking you were parked on a slight incline and your parking brake wasn’t on. The weight of the truck probably jammed the parking pawl.

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Thanks old mopar. I do not recall the truck being on an incline, but do recall the parking break disengaged. The truck was parked by a tech. diagnosing ,”check 4wd” alert by onboard computer, with negative results. Your diagnosis seems to make good sense.

Thanks again.

You are very welcome, and welcome to our community!

The problem might be with the brake pedal interlock switch.

In order to shift out of park, the brake pedal must be depressed.

Try stepping on the brake pedal to see if the brake lights come on. If they don’t, it points to this switch.