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Gear Shift Stuck

Can anyone tell me how to fix a gear shift that tends to get stuck once in awhile. What about WD, and how would you apply it? I have a '97 Monte Carlo.

Thanks - appreciate your help!

If you’re talking about an automatic transmission that gets stuck in PARK, the problem is most likely in the brake/shift interlock. You don’t need lubrication, you need to figure out which part of the interlock system isn’t working correctly.

The most common problem is a faulty or incorrectly adjusted brake light switch.

Don’t start spraying WD-40. You could cause more problems.

If your shifter gets stuck in some other position you should tell us. It may be an entirely different problem but the phrase “stuck once in a while” doesn’t really tell us enough.

Thanks, mcparadise, it’s in the Park position. I will not be using the WD, why cause more problems!