Automatic transmission faulty

Any advice on possible cause?

year, make, model, miles, recent maintenance, actual problem (‘faulty’ is slightly vague), have you had it diagnosed by a transmission shop?

Information on what’s actually happening would be helpful, but I’ll go with what you tagged: “Shifter stuck in park”.

Did you park the car on a hill and not set the parking brake? If so, then the transmission parking pawl is holding the entire car’s weight, and disengaging it from park will be a problem. You might have to have another car nestle up against the bumper and give it a slight push uphill to release the pressure on the pawl.

And next time, use the parking brake before putting the trans in park.

oh geez ! still ANOTHER post without BASIC BASIC BASIC info. Last I checked, I flunked mind reading 101.

alex, I apologize for my vague description and not responding to you and several others who took the time to offer advice which I appreciate. I apologize. I did get a tip suggesting a check to see if the brake lights come on (they do so it’s not the switch under the pedal) and if ok the next possibility would be a bad interlock control solenoid at the bottom of the shifter gear. Trouble ahead and $87. After dismantling center console I see it. But it’s not easy to get to and being a lousy mechanic I’m re-thinking going ahead. My daughter, the real owner, lives 50 miles away, now has another car, used 2001 Ford Escape gas eater. The 2001 Kia Sephia,130miles, no recent maint ran fine before this. I feel it’s worth keeping. Kia’s have this shift problem I’m told normally fixed with a rod thru a hole to manually shift. Well, it’s not working, could be damaged? Also to check fuses & cable connection to tranny & getting car off incline. Guess I’ll give it a shot with my limited time and talent.

budd, I just got to your response to the Kia Sephia shifting problem. Thanks for your advice and suggestions. You may have something as the car is parked on a fairly steep incline. Frankly I don’t remember whether I parked it or my daughter but if it was me I more than likely put it in park before setting the parking brake. I like your explanation and will do as you suggest. geezel P.S. I belatedly also responded to “alex3324” providing info he and others deserved to know about the car and circumstances before rendering advice. You might be interested in my sad story.

ken, I apologize (as I should) to you and others. What possible excuse could I possibly offer? Give me a minute. Hold on, Ok, Remember the film “48 Hours” with Nick Nolte & Eddie Murphy? If not you should get it. Anyway, Murphy, a crook, leaves prison, arranged by Nolte the cop who wants to catch bigger fish, and goes to the parking garage to get his car and the attendant reads the slip and says, "hey, this car’s been here for two years! Why didn’t you get it? Murphy replies expressing great annoyance, “I’ve been busy!” Well, that’s the best I can do. And talk about mind reading. I don’t remember taking the course and they say I did. More than once. Oh well, but since I became “geez” people seem to understand me better. But, if you’re interested, I remembered a lot of stuff about the car and such and it’s part of my reply to “alex3324” just above “ken green” who made allowances for my temporary forgetfulness. geez P.S. I do appreciate that you even answered.