2003 Ford Ranger plug

my ford ranger will attempt to start, but it will not run. it did this once before, and a mechanic show’d me what the problem was, and fixed it. he also said that there was no part for that. it was a plug that was broken, and would not snap tight, I cannot find that plug. can someone help me please

Did you google the part number?

You will need to give us a lot more of what the mechanic fixed the first time. Or go back to that same mechanic…he may remember.

This could be a plug under the dash, or a plug under the hood. Or the thirty or so plugs that could prevent starting the car…which one was it.


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It was a plug under the hood

He said that there wasn’t a part for that and that every time he would touch it it’ll stay running when I take it off it was stop and he said well I’m just gonna rig it up

What did the plug connect to?

I do apologize for not being more informative. I called it a plug, because it had worn and was loose, so when he would wiggle it, the truck act as if you were turning the key on and off, and all I know is that it was under the hood. Hopefully you have an idea or something I could try

If you found a replacement plug or wiring harness how would you install it if you don’t know where it goes? Can you post a picture of the failing device?

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Is there some reason you are not asking the mechanic what this part is. How do expect someone to tell you how to fix it if they don’t know what it is.

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If your mechanic can not source the plug/harness you might want a second opinion. OEM and/or aftermarkets suppliers should have the required part. Millions of Rangers and Mazda B series on the road.

If it is a plastic snap type connector you might be able to use a plastic compatible spray cleaner on the contacts then zip tie the connector.
If not sure about the spray, try a hobby shop that sells RC Vehicles,
A HOBBY SHOP, not a toy store.

Starts but stalls immediately after returning the key from start to run makes me think it has something to do with how it uses a hotter spark for starting that for running. I’m thinking this has to do w/a connector in the ignition system.

I am not in the same state with the mechanic if I were I wouldn’t have this issue

Give the mechanic a call?