Stranger to Ranger

I have a 97 Ford Ranger for 8 years without a problem, then I brought it to another mechanic (because it was closer to my home)for a tune up.When I picked it up , it was sluggish and was running poorly.I didn’t had time to bring it back until a week later,at that point I could hear a whistling type sound, it was comming from a spark plug, thinking it was just loose Itry to tight it,in vain,and I couldn’t remove it either, the spark plug had been installed unproperly.When I call the shop who had done the tune up,they try to blame me for the problem. At that point I took it to another shop who had to take the head, rethread it, $1500 later I was on my way, not the zappy truck that I use to have but better that what I experienced.Has days went by I started to feel some sorts of "hick ups"has I press on the gas,a little over a week later it became terrible, thinking it was the fuel line or carburator, I had the fuel filter changed and put a fuel additive when I filled up . It was still doing it, at that point I could not go at more than 40mph.

So I went back to the mechanic who had work on it a week and half earlier, the diagnosis was to change the coil, which they did, another $550 later. Several month later, some similar symptomes occured,this time I had a computer diagnosis reading, which told me that there was a faulty spark plug #6, the very same one that had been messed up originally.When I change all the plugs for high quality brand , I notice that also the wire , which had been installed new , was too long and therefore rubbing against the hot manifold and had worn exposing the metal. After it had been corrected, it was running ok. Now after 3 months it start the same “hick up” when I accelerate, at 45 to 50 mph, mainly when the engine is cold.

What is the problem?

I hope it’s not the transmission, I have 135,000 miles on it.

I would appreciate your suggestions.


Did you change all the wires?
Did you use a good OEM set?
The coil pack may be damaged from the short it was dealing with before you changed the wire.