2003 Ford Ranger Starting Problem

I am having an intermittent starting problem with my 2003 Ford Ranger. After driving for a while then turning off the ignition, sometimes it will not start up again. There will be clicking sound but it won?t start. It will not jump from another vehicle, only a tow truck. It only seems to happen when it is hot outside, so the air conditioning is usually on. I have recently found that if I leave it for about 30min, it will start fine. I took it to the dealer and they say everything checks out okay. They had me replace the battery, as it was over 5 yrs old, and after doing fine all winter, my problem is back.

sounds like the starter is going bad. check and clean battery cables first.Why a tow truck can start it by jumping it…who knows???

Clean the terminal for the positive cable on the starter motor also.

The clicking means that not enough of the battery power is getting to starter solenoid. This is usually caused by corrosion on the battery cables, or poor connections on the starter solenoid.
Remove the corrosion with a wire brush, sandpaper, knife, file, or your choice of a similar tool. Loosen, and re-snug the wires to the starter solenoid.
If it still just clicks, the start circuit (wires) from the ignition switch will need testing/repairing.
Go to this link, at autozone, and see the starting circuit and components. You’ll need to register, there. http://www.autozone.com/autozone/catalog/parts/partsProduct.jsp?itemIdentifier=184961_0_2399_7128&skuDescription=Gold+/+Solenoid+Switch&brandName=Gold&displayName=Solenoid+Switch&categoryNValue=16499999&sortType=&store=1140&isSearchByPartNumber=false&fromWhere=&fromString=search&itemId=prod10674&navValue=16400102&filterByKeyWord=starter+solenoid&productId=184961&appQuestionText=Without+starter+mounted+solenoid&categoryDisplayName=Starting+%26+Charging&parentId=cat10019&questions=[] Click on VIEW JOB DIAGRAM.

The clicking means enough power is getting to the solenoid, but not to the starter motor. Lovin all your posts, please forgive the correction.