2005 Dodge Ram 1500 - Randomly Dies

Having problem with my 2005 dodge 1500 slt four door with the 5.7 hemi shutting off will driving with no warning. have replaced the Egr, PCV valve and the Map sensor. Could it be
my gas pump or my egnition switch. the truck has 11700 miles and has been running great .It idles great at 650rpm has all the power at take off as it ever has and when it dies it starts right back up.

Will assume you missed a zero on that mileage. If an check engine error light isn’t set before it shuts off, it sounds like a crankshaft position sensor could be the cause. Normally it takes a bit of cool-down before a bad sensor will somewhat recover and let you start it again.

Is there a check engine light? And what are the codes if its on?

You might run a test if your key chain has more that just the truck’s keys on it. Take the key off and just drive with the ignition key. If the problem goes away, it is the ignition switch.

If it is still there, I’d try replacing the crankshaft sensor.

The only time I’ve had a car shut off at random while driving on the freeway, it was my VW Rabbit, the power supply to the fuel pump failed due to a problem in the fuel pump relay circuit. The key to the diagnosis is determining if the problem is no fuel, or no spark. If it won’t start up again after it stalls, you might try spraying some starter spray into the air intake. If it then seems like it wants to start, or does start, but then immediately stalls , that’s a major clue the problem is lack of fuel.