2004 Dodge Ram 1500 engine died, but came back to life

Auto Transmission, Hemi engine has run great all of its 66,000 miles. Two days ago the engine just went dead. Pulled over, and it started right up and has run great for two days since. What could have caused it to just die on the road. Should mention I also had just filled the gas tank from empty.

The computer may have stored a code when the truck died. Or it may not, the check engine light would have come on when the truck died regardless. Have any codes scanned–Autozone will do it for you–and post them.

I would suspect a failing crank position sensor… but that answer would depend on what error codes that truck has stored.


If you have a bunch of weight on your key chain, it could cause the ignition switch to wear out. Combined with hitting a bump or bumping keys with your leg, it could stall the engine.

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When the engine stopped did the dashboard light up with all sorts of red warnings? Did the 4 way flashers work or the regular turn signals? The stereo?

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