2005 Dodge 1500

OK, we’ll try this again with the make and model given. 4.7 lt engine with 30, miles on it. check engine light comes on when temperatures are below 20, and will not come off until it has been over 20 for 2-3 hours. Anyone have any experience with this?

Autozone or O’Reilly’s will scan the engine code for free. If you don’t have those in your area, check other parts stores. It seems to a good way for them to generate business. Want help? Get the code and post back.

Huh, I don’t even buy oil at Autzone/oriely!

Unless you’ve POed them like you’ve tried to PO various posters here, Autozone and O’Reilly’s don’t care where you buy your oil. They will scan you Dodge, for free. Since you are unwilling to help yourself to help us help you we give up.

It seems to me as though all you really want to do on this website is spout your own brand of “Beefy Norm is right and the rest of you are idiots”. We don’t need that around here. You are welcome to spout your invective elsewhere.

Oh, merry Christmas.

Note, Beefy owns his own scanner. I just saw his post at http://community.cartalk.com/posts/list/2133941.page

For some unknown Ludite reason he refuses to use it on his own truck.

“Beefy”. That’s “El Gordo” in Spanish. You can look it up at http://babelfish.yahoo.com/