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2003 Dodge Neon - felt like the e-brake was on

My car is a SX 2.0 sport. 2003
With around 95,000 km. It started shifting harder than usual, I didn’t pay much attention to that until one day on a main hwy. I had to pull off for some reason, when getting back on the hwy. the car suddenly felt like I hit the brake or hit something. I had it towed home. After the tow truck left I wanted to move the car, started it up put in D stepped on the gas and it started to bog down. In R same thing, tried in Low wouldn’t move I gave up. It seemed just like the E brake was on.
Any suggestions, or Ideas what might be causing this.???

Offhand it sounds like transmission trouble. Have it towed to a good independent transmission shop for a diagnosis.

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Sounds to me like a sticking brake. This can be caused by a bad caliper or failing brake hoses. It could also be a failing wheel bearing.

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Certainly a possibility and 'way cheaper than a new transmission.

that is something I was going to check out but the snow got everything
covered so bad, I’ll have to wait now for spring. Thank you for the sugge

On a flat bed wrecker? If it rolled up and down the flat bed there isn’t a brake problem.

What is the highest reading on the tachometer? If the engine speed can reach 1500 RPMs and the car won’t move, there is a transmission problem (the engine should be capable of reaching 2200 RPMs if pushed hard enough).

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Thank you for your input, I need lots of ideas before I do anything that is going to cost a lot of money. which I don’t have anyway.:grinning: