Jolt or shifting feeling after braking

I have a 2000 Ford Explorer 4x4 and have noticed when I brake and come to a complete stop, after releasing my foot from the brake pedal I feel a jolt or shifting feeling. Almost like something in the suspension is loose???

Also, I notice at a higher speed when I am braking it feels like it the brakes feel soft and/or longer to come to a stop.

Would this be a brake issue? Pad replacement maybe?

I would appreciate anyone’s expertise here. Thanks!


My idea is something that in the suspension that is surrounded by rubber that is flexing under a load no load situation. Parts of BMW’s multi-link front suspension were very prone to this, during a slow stop you could actually see the body move while the wheels were stopped. Get a suspension inspection and pay paticular attention to bushings that have a rubber component.

I have no problem accepting your idea that your brakes are feeling different due to a change in the pads.

If you shift from neutral into gear do you get a klunk? Is the transmission downshifting at all as you slow?

I tested the shifting from neutral to drive and reverse with no klunk or odd noise. Seems to be downshifting fine. Scheduled an inspection for next week with Ford.

Some people describe a similar issues as feeling like they have been lightly bumped from behind. Is this the type of feeling you get when you let off the brakes?

If so, this is a fairly common issue with Chevys but I haven’t heard of it commonly on Fords. However, the same reasons could apply. In those cases, the lubrication on the splines of the driveshaft to transmission tail shaft has dried up and it is no longer slipping properly. The driveshaft has to slide smoothly in and out of the tailshaft as the rear differential rotates up/down during braking or acceleration. If it sticks, you get this bumping feeling as it tries to move in/out.

Something else to check for anyway…