2003 Dodge neon jerking problem

I have a 2003 dodge neon. I’ve had it to several shops but noone can find anything wrong with it. There is an intermittent problem where it gives oone real hard jerk. It only happens when I’m slowing down or turning a corner. I’ve learned to come to a complete stop before making a turn to keep this from occuring at that time. I drive a little more slowly and I’m careful when I come to a stop which I’m sure aggrivates other drivers. I never know when it will occur. It scares the crap out of me. Anyone have any ideas? I have no check enjine lights. I had a tune up recently done knew plugs and wires. I’m good with the oil changes and air filters. I just don’t know.

Bad motor mount?

Do you have automatic transmission? If so, check the level of the transmission fluid.

I took it to the transmission shop they said the transmission is okay. I’ve had a computer test done on the transmission and motor. They said they checked the fluid it was okay. I’ve gone through five sets of tires since I bought it no one could seem to find the problem there either. Then one tire shop said it was way out of align and needed alignment camber bushings. It was doing it before that but it gets worse all the time.

Thanks for the tip on the motor mounts I just went out and opened the hood and watched the motor while my son put it in gear and it does move up and down a lot. I’ll check with a mechanic on Monday

Have the front suspension checked, pronto. It could be a bad ball joint, strut mount, or tie rod end.

Or possibly a bad constant velocity joint.