2003 Dodge Grand Caravan headlight low beam bafflement



The vehicle of the subject line has no low beam on the right headlight. The bulb has been changed twice, no joy. I can find no fuses at fault; nor can I find a fuse specific to the headlights! I’m baffled. Can anyone help?


The high-beams work I take it?

It sounds like there may be some problems with the fuse box for the headlights: http://www.topix.net/forum/autos/dodge-grand-caravan/TFGKS9O3LLH1ABOBM


If you don’t have a test light probe to test with I recommend you get one and check the wiring at the fuse box that has the left and right side fuses in it for a problem. Most lightly a loose connection somewhere is causing this trouble.


Thanks for the input. Could you clarify the comment “fuse box that has the left and right side fuses in it”?

There is one large fuse block under the hood, adjacent to the battery. I can find NO fuse in there that is labled for the headlights.

Also, I’m not certain where to start checking wires. Do I need to dismount the fuse block entirely to get access?


There should be a seperate fuse for each headlight. Check the fuse panel in the dash area if you don’t see any fuses in the panel under the hood area for the lights.

You may have to remove the fuse panel if you don’t have a way to access the wires on the back side.


Here is the iring diagram. Maybe this will help.