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No daylight and no low beam 2002 dodge caravan sport

Good day all.
2002 dodge caravan sport headlights only work on highbeam. Bulbs replaced. Also i saw some ppl had their vans with daylight beam which i dont have. It is my first Dodge.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Start by checking the fuses for the low beams. If the fuses are OK check the wiring to the bulbs, a van this old may have rust on the ground connection. Be very careful in handling the bulbs, they do not react well to being touched by bare fingers, the oils from skin will shorten the life of the bulb.

Thanks steve for the tip. Im aware about not touching the bulbs. I will start on the steps you suggested hoping its not the switch that is bad. Because in my country it is hard to find :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken I think this van has relays for low beams as well. They don’t fail often, but the relay box is near the battery and gassing could cause problems in that area. If you look at your front left shock tower it will have considerably more corrosion than the right side due to this.

I will include this after checking the wiring, fuses and ground which looks easier diy! As for relays i think i may look them up on how to test them

If the problem traces back to the multifunction switch: on my 1999 Voyager (similar to your van) I was able to disassemble it and clean the innards with electrical contact cleaner. There was a lot of grease in there. I put a bit of Sil-Glide where it seemed needed it and reassembled. The switch worked fine after that. Good luck and please let us know how it goes for you.

There are usually several of the same model of relay. Just replace the questionable one with one that is from a circuit that works.

So the brights work ok, but when you switch to low everything goes dark? Or do the brights continue to shine?