**SOLVED** Right headlight goes off on full beam

SOLVED Individual fuse had blown

Hi all,

Both headlights work on low beam. As soon as I switch to high beam, the left one switches to high beam and the right one goes out completely. Ive swapped bulbs but that makes no difference.

Have driving lights attached to the right hand light but they no longer work either.

Any help appreciated.



Replace both front bulbs.

Nah the bulbs are fine, I switched them around and they each work in the left headlight. It’s something else exclusive to the right head lamp unit

Are the driving lights aftermarket add one that are hardwired into your right headlight circuit? That might be the source of your problem.

Thanks for posting back, it would have never occurred to me that each headlight had it’s own fuse.

Ed B.

It is a little unusual. If I remember correctly my Town & Country had individual fuses for each headlight and tail light, but my Focus and Odyssey don’t.

Probably because of the driving lights. The driving lights should be on their own separate, fused circuit. And just as an aside.In Virginia, Driving lights must only be operable with the high beams on. And fog lights must only be operable with the low beams on.

Yeah the driving lights are on their own circuit, I think a short may have occurred though and that’s what blew the fuse. I’ve used electrical tape to separate wires and it seems to be good so far. Same in Australia, they’re wired into the headlights with a fuse in their system, but with a cab switch too - they can’t be used on the road in some states at all.

Possible. But I think another way that symptom could happen is if one of the fixture’s ground came loose.