2003 Chevrolet Tahoe - Rain X

How much for Rain ex windshield wipers?

What ever the place selling them wants . You can even order them from Amazon .

Edit : Ok , I will probably get flagged but I don’t care. Kenney , how hard would it be to use Google or just pick up the ( Rain X ) wipers at your local parts house . I think even Wal Mart has them in stock.


Volvo is right, but here is a quick link to Amazon if you want prices. Amazon let’s you input your specific vehicle info to ensure you get the right part. I have used Amazon many times with good success for car parts like this.

Is there anyone left in this world that does not know how to find Amazon on the web ?


I paid less than that at the local parts store, I usually walk to the store but drove the car there to let them install them for free. as I had bought some goodyear blades from Costco, with a really strange attachment fitting. The big problem with the goodyear blades above 55 mph the dynamics of air flow made them bad, leaving a lot of water on the windsheild.

If you’re not in a hurry to get them, I’ve found Rock Auto has by far the best prices on wiper blades. I can get new ones for both of my cars shipped from Rock Auto for what I’d pay for a pair locally.

I don’t remember what I paid for them but I put rain-X wiper’s on my truck 8 or 9 year’s ago and they still wipe like new the truck stay’s outside in the southern sun

They’re way too busy playing Candy Crush, tweeting that they are walking down a street, or facebooking “loved a picture”.

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