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Wiper Blades - Jetta 2010 TDI

I am trying to find wiper blades, not at the dealer price for my 2010 Jetta TDI and have been completely unsuccessful. Do I have to buy them at the dealer or is there some other place I can purchase these blades?

Walmart, Advance Auto, Auto Zone, NAPA, O’Riley, any local auto part store should have them. There should also be a book nearby that will list the sizes you need for your vehicle

Yeah, I paid $70 for wiper blades on my Pontiac at the dealer. Everyone will claim they have blades to fit but the mountings for them may not fit. So you either need to get a conversion kit to change the mountings to what is genericaly available or get them from the dealer. You might find that those available from NAPA and so on are nearly the same cost as from the dealer and not exact fits. Be sure to take the blade in to make sure the mountings are the same. All Walmart and others have are the very common mountings.