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2009 Ford Crown Victoria - Trouble Getting Wipers Off

i cannot get the wiper arm to release so that I can replace the wiper blade. It is supposed to rain hard tomorrow and I will be driving a lot.

Buy some blades at a parts place–they will usually put them on for you.


Varies car to car. They have some installation videos here, you have to enter your car’s make/model/year. As posted above many auto parts stores will install them for you, provided you purchase them at their store. I’ve never taken advantage of that service though, enjoy the puzzle of figuring it out myself. And with some of them it can be QUITE a puzzle … lol . …

Your owner’s manual shows a small hole in the arm loop. If that’s accurate, maybe it would help to insert a tool that fits in that hole and push at the same time that you’re pushing the lock tab. That might be easier with someone to help you.

I had some blades, a different connecting protocol, autozone replaced them and only charged for the blades, take the easy way out!

Hi thanks for the replies, I should have put more info in, I am watching a friends house in Mexico and there isn’t a auto parts store anywhere near. I went to a couple of local mechanics and they were unable to replace them either, there is no hole in the little gizmo that needs to move. I finally watched a youtube that showed a up close view and along with spraying some Boeshield T-9 (the only oil I have tried that is better that Kano oil) and with moving the blades half way up the windshield it worked great.

Thanks to All that answered and Merry Christmas