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2003 Cavalier Shakes

I have a 2003 Cavalier. It has started to shake and pull to the right when driving. It feels like the car is swaying.

Is this the symptoms of a bad ball joint, tie rod or something else.


If the vehicle shakes, pulls, and sways something major has failed in the suspension/steering system. If you don’t know how to identify what is causing this problem find someone who does. And don’t drive the vehicle until that is found out.

Because it’s one thing if you don’t care if you lose control of the vehicle and flip off into a ditch. But it’s another thing if you lose control of the vehicle and run head long into a vehicle with an innocent family.


Thanks for the response and concern about the general welfare of my community.

I know generally how to check ball joints and tie rods. However, not being a professional mechanic, I am simply asking for a professional opinion.

The professional opinions you’re going to get are all going to be the same: get it checked out ASAP. Since it came upon the car relatively suddenly, having it towed is definitely the wise thing.

The safest accident is the one you never get into. You avoid getting into them by not taking chances. I’d have it towed. Definitely.

First thing I would check is the lug nuts. Loose lug nuts can act like this, but so can a failed wheel bearing or tire with a broken belt. Generally, I agree with the others as well. If it’s not something really obvious, you should have it towed to a professional before driving it again.

Rotate the tires and see if it changes. If not, check tie rod ends and ball joints.