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Noisy ride...with weird exception

Hi All,

I have a 2005 Chevy Cavalier and have been realizing that the ride has been getting noisier, but when I make a left hand turn ( or even turn the wheel 5 degrees or so to the left) it is much quieter. It sounds like a low vibrating sound and seems to shake the whole front end of my chassis. I can feel feel the vibration through the gas pedal, and it continues even when in nuetral or without the gas depressed. It is worse between 40-65 mph. Does anyone have an idea as to what this is? Loose parts, misalignment, motor mounts, bad belts? And what it might cost to have this fixed?

Much obliged


Oh yeah. I recently had all my fluids done at jiffy lube so I thought this would be more of a mechanical problem.

Have the wheel bearings and CV joints checked. My vote is bearings.

I’ll suggest that to the mechanic when I go later this week. Thanks and I’ll let you know if that was it.

or balljoints, but more likely bearings

Shaking could be bearings, but my first guess would be a CV joint on the fritz. In any event, this should be looked at asap. It isn’t going to get better by itself. And if you get a complete cv or bearing failure, it could create a dangerous driving situation.