Car shakes with increasing speed and pulls to right?

Hey, hopefully, you guys can help me out, I have a 2009, Dodge caliber (regularly maintained) that is starting to pull to the right and the steering wheel will shake when you increase speed (30+MPH) The city was doing some construction on a nearby roadway we travel daily and they had a metal plank (around 5-8 inches thick) in the road I guess to cover a hole or something, and my wife ran it over at around 40 MPH give or take a few, and thus the problem arose, no noises or nothing like that, just pulls to the right when I accelerate and the steering wheel will shake, I really don’t have to hold the wheel with a tight grip in order for it not to pull, by as soon as I take my hand off it automatically goes to the right. Any idea od what it could be? I know I know “Take it to your shop” but with funds limited, it would be easier me financially wise, to know what I’m getting myself into.

It’s almost impossible to guess what is wrong over the internet.

Ball-joint is my first guess. Could also be spring, Shock, or even a bent axle…or all above.

No need to guess. Get it into a mechanic ASAP. This vehicle is NOT safe to drive.

Mike is correct , there is no way to even guess what is wrong over the internet. If you think funds are tight now wait until you end up in a ditch . Hopefully no one will be injured if that happens.

Regardless of what the problem is, this will require an alignment. Take it to a good alignment shop. If they diagnose it for free, then you can do the repairs yourself if you have the resources. And by all means have that shop for the final alignment. They have already paid for your diagnosis. You should let them recoup some of that by letting them align it. If you don’t have the proper tools and know how, it is safest to let them do it all. It’s going to cost you no matter what.

The lower control arm bushings are torn/loose and there may be a bent wheel.

A street plate, which is used to cover a hole in the pavement, is 1" thick. Running over one normally won’t cause damage. If that’s what your wife means and you weren’t with her she’s either exaggerating or covering up what really happened. If OTOH there really was a “plank” in the road and she didn’t see it for whatever reason you and your wife have my apology.

Check your tire pressure.

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You could try putting on your spare and see what happens, could be a bent wheel and an alignment problem.