2003 Audi A6 Suburban electrical problem

I recently purchased a 2003 Audi A6 wagon that has a problem with the interior lights. The lights come on when you open the doors but none of the lights will turn on with the interior switches. Help.

Did the car come with any sort of warranty? If so, I suggest you go back to the dealer.

Did the car come with an owner’s manual? What does the owner’s manual say about operating the interior lights?

The small dealership that I purchased the car from has, as of yet, been unable to solve the problem. The owners manual talks about basic options like pressing the button next to the light you wish to turn on. None of these switches/buttons will turn on the lights.

This shouldn’t be a hard problem to solve. The trouble sounds like it is with the common connection to the switches that activates the lights. The connection may provide power or possibly a ground connection through the switches to turn the lights on. Whatever it is, that needs to be checked. If the dealer can’t solve this simple problem you may need to find a shop that specializes in electrical repairs. You sure don’t need the dealer to fix this problem.