Help! My 2003 Passat is having electrical troubles w dashboard lights

I have a 2003 Passat wagon that I love and it is behaving very strangely and is stumping my dealer. Earlier this week I finished work, walked to the garage and used my electronic key to open my car. I sat behind the wheel and then noticed that my blue dash indicator lights were on as well as the red lights around the radio, etc. and also on the window indicators on each door. No white overheads, AND NO HEADLIGHTS ON. I turned on the knob for the headlights and they went on, then turned them off and they went off but not the other lights. Drove home, went out 1 hour later and the rogue lights were off. Started the car again, turned on the headlights- they and indicators went on, turned off headlights, indicators stayed ON. Went back in, came out 15 minutes later and they were off.

Since then I had one day with no rogue lights but now they seem to be on all the time. My poor battery- it is 3 months old only and the first one I have bought.

Two things of note: The dimmer switch for the dashboard lights no longer works- with or without headlights on.

I have had the dashboard lights go on and off on several occasions when I go over a bump.

The dealer says the only way may be to remove the steering column, airbag and entire dash. Very expensive and a last resort for me.

They have NEVER seen this problem before.

Does anyone have any big ideas? Thanks so much.

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