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Won't even click

My 2000 Audi A6 was having a hard time starting when it was hot outside. Now it won’t start at all…not even a click. Is it a starter, a relay or what? The battery is only about a year old.

Good time to have the charging system and battery checked. However now since it won’t start, you are going to have to have someone come out to do that checking, unless you want to try a DIY.

However maybe we can find something. How long has there been a problem starting it? How old are the spark plugs & wires? Do the headlamps come one when you try to turn them on? Do you know someone with a volt meter? Can they check the voltage at the battery?

It has over 110,000 miles on it and I have never had the spark plugs and wires changed. The lights will not turn on. It has only been a problem starting when it got hot for about a year so it was not problem in the fall. I will try to get someone to jump it and see if it will start.

Lights won’t come on at all? Take apart the battery connections and clean them. Make sure you have a solid connection.

But be aware that cleaning the battery connections is likely to make things better for a few days even if they are in no way the problem. And also be aware that cleaning them may help once, but it won’t help the second time. I’d get someone to check the charging system and also to check to see if the battery cables have corroded internally.

Shift it into neutral, turn the key, and see what happens - if it is an automatic, anyway.