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2003 Altima 2.5 Throttle Body cleaning problem

I cleaned the throttle body on my 2003 Altima 2.5 today, which appears not to have been a good thing to do. Now my service engine light is on and my idle is going up and down. It would appear that my problem is due to needing and idle relearned. When in park or N the engine surges up and down from about 1000 to 2000rpm. This happened immediately after I cleaned the throttle body. Is there any way to relearn the the idle without the consult system. I have seen several threads on this about idle relearn procedures (key on, 5 pedals presses, etc) but I could not get the correct MIL on, flashing, off combination to happen on my vehicle the way it is described. I had the codes cleared and still cant seem to get the mil to blink ?? I hate to take to dealership. Ive read that if you spray throttle body cleaner in this particular body it will mess something up. Ive always cleaned my throttle bodies and never had any problems, but then Ive always had Fords and Chevys :slight_smile: Any suggestions please let me know

Thanks in advance

Terry Matthews